• Chris Platts

The beginning... Up The Poppies

I've been to quite a few lower league games in my life. Even played on some of the same pitches at an even lower level. I've also played Football Manager/Championship Manager for over 25 years. Being able to actually start at the very bottom of the football pyramid, albeit in simulation, is something that I've always wanted to do. Just to see if I could cut it being a manager at this level, as I always think I can when being the typical fan on the sideline spouting that I can do better. It's easy enough playing these games and being the biggest, richest clubs in the world. But to actually have to start with absolutely nothing and work our way up the leagues it does takes a little bit of skill to do it. Well I think so anyway. It's even been proven over the last few years that more and more people are getting jobs because of their skill on Football Manager. Data analysts, scouts, even managerial appointments have all come on the back of what they have achieved on Football Manager. So this is going to be my blog about my journey with one team from tier 11 of the English football pyramid. After consulting my brother and couple of friends who know the lower leagues quite well, I've decided to go with Oughtibridge WMC. Main decision behind picking them was wouldn't it be great seeing Jurgen Klopp with a pint of mild at the bar! I doubt Klopp has ever been in a WMC, but if he does in the future I now want it to be Oughtibridge. As I grew up not far from there, and pretty sure I've played both football and cricket at the War Memorial Park, I know exactly the standard of football I'm working with from the start. So here it is, the start of the my blog about my journey with Oughtibridge WMC. Enjoy!

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