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Backroom Staff 19-20

Updated: Feb 25, 2020

Looking at the staff overview and even with sunday league experience and no qualifications we have the best coaching staff in the league so why bother! Just kidding. This will be because all the other teams don't have any staff so I will have to employ some staff. Currently the board recommends I have the following:-

- Assistant Manager

- Head of Youth Development

- 2 Coaches

- Director of Football

- Chief Scout

- Scout

- Head Physio

- Physio

So below is what I'll be looking at as the key attributes for each of the positions.

Assistant Manager - My number 2. The one I'll looked to for advice. I will lean on them to take control of training and run with it. Over the years I've never been one to get too involved with the training side of things in the game. So they will be seen more as a head coach leading the team on the training pitch. I've always let the assistant run the training side of things while I concentrate on the tactics and transfers. However if you are one to get involved with training and want to look into somebody elses training schedules then I recommend looking at https://www.passion4fm.com/football-manager-training-schedules-megapack/. When looking for an assistant I will be looking at the following attributes:-

- Attacking

- Defending

- Technical

- Man Management

I have identified these as key attributes as that is what I believe is key to being a good head coach/assistant. I will also look to myself and others to fill in the holes that are missing.

Head of Youth Development - Arguably one of the most important postions in the game. He will be the key to your club getting the best newgens on the game. Unlike other coaching positions the key attributes for them are:-

- Working with youngsters

- Judging player ability

- judging player potential

Having a decent mix of other attributes is also a good idea as they will influence what type of player will come through the youth system.

Coaches - For the two coaching postions I'm going for the bold move of a fitness coach and goalkeeper coach. In the past I would have gone for a general coach instead of the fitness coach, however this time I am opting for these specific coaches as that will give me an overall balance across all areas of coaching.

Director of Football - I'm not going to looking into filling this slot just yet. I believe this is a luxury position that the Chief Scout can cover during the lower levels. I will be looking to fill this slot once we become professional and get promoted out of the National League.

Chief Scout - This is a key position. With so many players to sign now and hopefully in the near future as we go through the leagues. Having a scout that can pick out the perfect player out of the thousands out there could be the difference between promotion or not. For this position I will be looking for these attributes:-

- Adaptability

- Judging Player Ability

- Judging Player Potential

These are the 3 key attributes for any scout. As I will be looking to sign younger players I will be looking for a slightly higher potential rating than ability. Spotting the diamond in the rough will be essential for any profitable sales in the future.

Scout - I will be looking to at my other scout to have similar abilities as the Chief Scout with less emphasis on adaptability.

Head Physio/Physio - Both head physio and physio will need as high physiotherapy attributes I can find. Having a good physio department is key to getting players back fit in as little time as possible, as well as being able to stop potential reoccurring injuries.

So this is what I will be looking to get in as my backroom staff to start with. Once the positions have been filled I will have a look back at what I was lookng for and see if I achieved those goals.

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